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Competitive Analysis

Informal Competitive Analysis:
Calvin Klein is known for clothing, as well as fragrances and accessories that are all about attitude. It designs all products and makes its ready-to-wear collection of women’s and men’s clothing; most of its profit comes from licensing the Calvin Klein name for items such as shoes, jeans, underwear, hosiery, watches, bedding, tabletop products, and furniture. Calvin Klein owns or licenses namesake stores worldwide. Barry Schwartz and designer Calvin Klein, who were its sole owners until clothing maker PVH bought the company in 2003, founded the company in 1968. Television and print advertisement has kept the Calvin Klein line of products in the public eye since the company was founded in 1968. The use of the Internet, desktop computers and now a variety of mobile devices has now made it possible to reach a wider audience than it has done in the past. The websites for the competition like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Donna Karan have a white or dark background, trying not to take too much focus away from their products being advertised in their pages. These sites, including Calvin Klein have been around quite a long time and having a brand name which is already famous around the world makes it possible not to over publicize the brand and concentrate on the most popular items in their line of products. Having easy access to these products will come with a well-organized easy to navigate mobile website.

Competitive Websites:
Ralph Lauren (
Tommy Hilfiger (
Donna Karan (

Strategy & Concept:
These fashion companies named above have been able to stay relevant in the world of fashion with the help of well organized publicity campaigns and now with the help of personal computers and mobile devices, the accessibility of the line of products from these companies are now available to anyone with just a click, swipe or a touch of your finger.

Target Audience:
The target audience for these fashion websites continues to increase throughout the years. At one-time 16 to 30 year olds M/F, was the main target, whereas now 16 to 50 year olds and older M/F, is the target audience.

Priorities (Keeping “Mobile First” in mind):
Easy accessibility to the line of products by these fashion companies is now possible through the use of mobile devices. Within seconds you can find access to the fashion companies you are interested in. You can find the nearest locations in the area you happen to be in. View the line of products by clicking, swiping, scrolling, or touching the screen of your mobile device. You can log into your account, order products, and pay, all within a few minutes if not seconds.

Content /Organization:
A well-organized and well design website on your mobile device will keep the target audience from moving on to a different site. Quick access to what the audience is looking for  (products, links, clear and easy navigation) will make a happy customer.

Depending on the size of the screen the audience is using the better it is to have clear and effective navigation without having to click or swipe a number of times before you get to your destination, the less amount of clicks the better.


How to access the most popular products in any of these fashion websites would be on the top of the list when it comes to hierarchy. The links or icons on the screen in order to make access possible to the line of products are important for the audience. Access to account, ordering, logging in, paying and submitting follow in the list.

Visual Design:
Viewing images of the line of products has to be made prominent in the design of the mobile website. Links, Icons, search, login, or submit buttons need to be easy to access and the name and logo of the company in a prominent area of the screen to remind the audience of the company mobile website that they are in.

Usability: Touch Gestures, Task Scenarios:
When designing for mobile devices, one has to keep in mind of the many different and sizes of the screens the people might be using. Buttons, icons, input boxes have to be the right size for a human finger to navigate through the site.

Social Media:
The fashion websites mentioned above use one or more of the following social media;
Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube.

Assignment 06

Communication Brief
Company: Calvin Klein

Project Summary:
An established company/label such as Calvin Klein which has been in existence for over 40 years has been able to stay a contender in the fashion industry because of their continued evolvement with the times. Technology today has made it possible to access Calvin Klein products through television, film, print and websites on the internet, and now through different size mobile devices out in the market today. The continuation and accessibility of the Calvin Klein line of products through mobile devices will be to promote/access/order in a reliable and easy to navigate series of events on a mobile device.

Audience Profile:
Fashion conscious individuals of both sexes would be the target audience of this mobile site. Although 16 to 30year olds male/female would be the main target, audience outside of that range would also be taken into consideration. Do to the limitations of the size of the screens of mobile devices; the site would be an extension of the desktop website with the most popular products having the most prominence, and the most used events on the site having priority.

Audience for the most part is aware of the company, of its quality and credibility.
Keeping it reliable and keeping it moving along with the times is the goal.
The goal is also to help the targeted audience navigate easily through the site and help them find what they are looking for easily and as quick as possible.

Communication Strategy:
The design and reliability of this mobile site should be of most importance, easy accessibility reliable navigation system on the mobile device will help keep the credibility of the Calvin Klein line of products intact for years to come.

Assignment 06

1. Who is your target audience?
The target audience for this mobile site (Calvin Klein), would be 16 to 30 year old fashion conscious individuals, male/female.

2. What are the business goals and objectives of the client?
To have a mobile site that can be easily accessible to their target audience, where they can easily have access/navigation to their latest products on the site, and therefore increase their revenue.

3. Thinking about the concept of “Mobile First,” what are the primary things that a user will want to do on the mobile website?
Easily access the content/products on the mobile site. Search, view, and order products.

4. Which of those things from #3 are better suited for a tablet device and what things are better done from a smartphone? Why?
Being a site where the main content is about fashion, fragrance and home products, images of Calvin Klein products would be the main content of the site which can be viewed on both tablet/smartphone, with size being the only difference.

5. Based on lookup/find, explore/play, check-in/ status, and edit/create, what is the organization of your mobile site? What will you include in your navigation for the mobile website?
Male, Female, Products, / Search, sign in, my account, submit